Why We Need A Real-dose Of Life

Death is not the end but a stage in life’s journey — an important stage that we all want to reach, but don’t get to because of our obsession with being in the present. The important thing is to take the time, while we are living and while we are still breathing, to experience life in full–and as we do, we will know that it is still alive.

We live in a world that tells us that we need to stop living to get better, for the sake of our health, that we need to be in some kind of state of purgatory waiting for the next life, or that life is a meaningless drag, because death is the only way any of us will truly live. The point is, however, that life is always here. You may be dead, but you are alive.

We need a real dose of life.

When you have cancer, you should make time and go to the doctor, and talk to your cancer, because this is a disease that has come and is still with you. You are dealing with an incurable cancer, the kind that always comes back. I don’t believe that cancer is just that which has gone away for a while; I think that you are fighting an incurable disease. As I mentioned before in the definition of cancer, it’s not just getting cancer: cancer is getting back.

Don’t get me wrong. I get it. I see how it would feel to die from an incurable form of cancer, so it is very difficult to understand and accept how those of us who have not felt the need to go down to the doctor can do the same thing. There is just something not natural about this kind of cancer. You will not get through this experience of being diagnosed with cancer without realizing that sometimes cancer only makes you want to get clean and better.

You have to understand that cancer feels wrong to you and you will see what it takes for you to actually deal with it. Yes, it is hard; as tough as it is, it does get easier, and you may feel better at the end of the journey.

At the same time, however, life will go on without you. Life will go on, because life is just life, where you have the ability to choose to be alive or to be dead, and the moment you have the ability to choose to be dead, you have lost that decision. And now you are just waiting, a living fossil that is being dragged along with the rest of us. Life’s going to go on, even in your eventual death, even though you are gone for good. I will never really see you die, because that’s why I’m alive–even if I can’t do anything for you or be with you.

Now, on the other side, we deal with this idea that the only way you can ever actually be happy in these circumstances, in this situation, is to get out of there. What you have done is to make an important decision to get into a worse place. The same would be true of trying to go to the doctor and being told the same thing.

Do you want to have cancer? No? Then do something for yourself that has nothing to do with living forever.

I will give you some real advice: if you have cancer, do something for yourself that has absolutely nothing to do with living forever. That is, go up to your doctor and say, “I am going to take care of this thing called cancer; you and I don’t have to worry about it, and I want you to do it. And while we are at it, maybe I can convince you, while we are still alive, that this thing called cancer is nothing compared to the things we will do when we are dead, because when you’re gone, you’ll be dead. There is nothing you can do with cancer, because it is not a life form.”

And if you do that, you will not die. Cancer is not a life form.