Why We Need More Time-tested Foods On Our Plate

The world is full of food we assume is good for us and things that might be good for us but are actually bad for us (even dangerous, in some cases). The foods and food ingredients we eat are what are referred to as “food factors”. We have a variety of these and in recent years, our diets have become much healthier. The problem is, we have become so accustomed to certain foods that we assume that all foods are the same. In truth, there is always more than the listed ingredients on the ingredient list.

How much time have you spent reading ingredient labels? Do you know what exactly goes into making a particular food? This is about to change. There are many foods which are commonly referred to as “high fat” and “low fat” that are actually quite healthy and quite low in fat. Many foods labeled as “fat free” are loaded with fat. Most foods labeled as “fiber” are actually low in dietary fiber. These and other food factors have been studied and are still not well understood and are certainly not fully understood and understood yet. It will take time to know all the food factors before we can really define what is good for us and what is not. We must let go of the thought that all foods are created equal; that every ingredient is the same. They are NOT. We must let go of the notion that foods are so well defined as to be identical in all ways, that the most important thing is to follow the label. When you look at a label, you are accepting that there may be some ingredient differences.

There is a growing need to make change. Our diets have changed remarkably, and it is time to make this change, to move away from the cookie cutter approach to eating that has been so pervasive for decades. It is time to be more aware of what we are choosing to eat, and more willing to experiment with our diets. Eating healthier, better tasting, simpler foods will lead to healthier lives. I encourage you to start the process of learning just how much you are eating as well as the impact those foods have on health.

A Good Diet: What I Know (and What Is True)

Many years ago, my husband Bob and I were taking a road trip through Colorado. We were headed to Loveland. It was a beautiful day. Bob had on a light grey suit, I had a dark blue suit! We drove through the Rocky Mountains, through the town of Silverton (where they have a World War 1 Museum). I took Bob on a tour of the town and showed him the different restaurants. The only place he got served that was not an old school diner was called “The Old Man’s House”. We ate lunch there. After lunch we walked around. I told Bob all of the “good” people and restaurants downtown were located behind it.

I told Bob how I had read a newspaper article about one of these establishments from a reporter named Ron Klauber . His article was called “The Secret of the Old Man’s House”. He had been in there a number of times and said it was the best diner in Loveland and he had always wondered why I had never tried it.

“Ron Klauber went into this place. Didn’t like it. The food wasn’t that good. He left in this suit. I asked the manager who answered the telephone if they serve a suit-less man. He said he didn’t know what he was talking about.”

“What if I said I never wanted to eat at this place again?”

“Ron Klauber had been in this place once and said there was something different about it. No one in there had a suit on! That’s why. If you want to see what it was like, come visit.”

“Then how can we tell the difference between what is good and what is bad and what to eat?”

Bob said, “That’s an easy one. What I eat is very good, but I think this one thing I ate is very bad.”

“I think you’ll find I’m much more likely to eat something with lots of flavor and the good things you just said were actually false. This article just made it obvious.”

What I knew from our road trip along Colorado’s Front Range, the first leg of our “Dance with the Diamonds” road trip was that there is a difference between high-fat foods and low-fat foods. There exists a great difference in those foods. This is known on both sides of the fence as well as within the food industry.

As the years have gone by, I have tried many, many different foods. The problem with these foods I would always notice was flavor.