Why We Need To Make Things Frugal: 5 Easy Steps To Help You Make The Most Of Your Money

Frugality is a simple but radical way of taking care of yourself and your money. Frugality takes only a thought and an action and can result in increased wealth, a peaceful, joyful life and joyous family connections.

We can’t imagine the world without food, clothing, shelter and the love of our parents or other family. We live on earth to create and to have pleasure. There is much we can enjoy and still find value in our lives. Frugality allows us to live in a way that is as productive as possible, as pleasant as possible to all, and as meaningful as possible to our families. We have to take care of ourselves while living as well as we can. We have to live with a sense of purpose. We have to take care of other people and, with that, others have to take care of themselves.

Frugality takes a simple action. All that is needed is a thought! A thought is all that is needed to make us free from debt, worry, frustration and to put into practice one of humanity’s most powerful ideas: giving and volunteering to help others. The money saved on consumerism can easily be put towards something that directly benefits other people and to be able to spend time with loved ones and make them happy and fulfilled.

To begin to live from our greatest possessions, we do not need to change our lifestyle. We only need to change how we think. By thinking about how we could get money, we put that same money in the hands of others where it can be used to make others’ lives better, and to do things that benefit us. With a little thought, we change the environment around us, and we change our thinking.

We are not slaves. We are free to choose how we will spend the money we save from the things we buy. Frugality is about giving rather than about receiving. You can easily start by planning your week and how you will spend your money. What will you do with your money? Will you use it like you think you should and put into a bank account, or do you think your money deserves to be used to care for you, those you love and have loved and are loved by?

The best way to be frugal is to plan ahead. The best way to live a meaningful life is to live with an inner joy. All these thoughts can be put to use today by beginning to make a difference for others to a level you have not yet imagined! It may feel different to a frugal person from that of someone who has never thought about what money could do for others… but it will be worth it!

“There can be no happiness without virtue. Virtue is nothing less than a moral sentiment toward oneself. It is the habit of acting in a manner which one believes leads to, or is consistent with, one’s own happiness.” – Benjamin Franklin 

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