Why We Need To Stop Fearing Food

When you give up eating food for months and feel terrible about yourself, it’s hard not to return to mindless foods of fast food or frozen pizza. But that doesn’t tell the entire story. The first thing cancer patients should know is that their health is at stake. Their survival is, too.

You can easily become obsessed if you overeat when you’re trying to lose weight. Don’t go there and do what we all do: overthink the entire process at once. Instead stop worrying and try to accept what’s in front of you. Instead, take your time—and focus on eating the healthy foods you want to eat. It’s this simple. It’s the healthy foods you choose that make a world of difference. There’s no point in dieting when you’re not eating your way through the real-life versions of the Disney movie The Body Farm.

In other words, there’s no reason to fear food. It only comes up when it’s convenient. But what about when it’s inconvenient? It’s hard to focus on eating healthy things when, all of a sudden, your refrigerator turns out to be a dirty place and the garbage cans are overflowing. It’s hard to keep track of things when everything is messy. If all this isn’t bad enough, I can almost sense that I’ll eventually get a dirty kitchen.

The real danger is that I don’t eat healthy because I hate food.

It’s important to stop thinking about “food” as something that happens in your mouth, when every part of your body can be affected for a long time after you eat. In our society, food is consumed as an object. Food is not the thing, but the consequence of the act.

Now, the real danger is that I don’t eat healthy because I hate food. I hate seeing the dirt from my plate and I hate having that dirty spoon in my mouth. I hate the calories they give me but I hate getting sick. I’m always scared of something disgusting happening to the food I’m eating.

So, what if I don’t like food because it makes me sick? Then a few thoughts from myself:  I might be eating the wrong things. This sounds kind of silly, but think about it: what’s worse, getting sick while eating a healthy diet or not eating at all while eating a sick (or unhealthy) diet?

A lot of times, we tend to ignore things that are causing us illness simply because they don’t affect us directly. There’s a feeling that you have all the time in the world, you can just decide to do something else and no matter what, nothing will ever happen. That’s not really true.

Things can happen, yes. Things can happen that could hurt you. But how many times do we have the chance to make that choice, to be in control of the situation? I always think of this in terms of love: when we choose to love someone, it is a choice. A choice to not be weak and to let them in. It is a choice to give them the attention they crave.

I have all the time in the world, but I know that in order to be in control, I have to be a strong and independent person. That means that I can choose to not eat and that makes me safe. I think that’s an interesting thought. Let me explain: when you are weak, you are at risk for things that affect you directly. Being sick is something that has been around since the beginning of time, it’s a byproduct of the process of evolution. Being sick is a byproduct of our life experience. Being weak can easily lead to other negative side effects.

But if you are weak, and you choose another, healthy lifestyle, you can always choose that one. Life doesn’t have to end with sickness. The question is: What kind of food do you choose?

If there’s one thing I learned today, it’s that I can choose my lifestyle—even if I’m weak and even if this is something uncomfortable.