Why We Should Avoid Alcohol

It is a poison. It is a drug. It is a bad habit. It is a disease. It is a disease of mind. It is a disease of the body. It is a disease of the soul. That’s the word for it – a disease. It’s a disease. We need to go back to the drawing board.

For much of the 20th century, the main focus of alcohol education was to protect the health of the heart and liver. Now there is evidence suggesting people get more than their fair share of harm from beer, wine, and hard liquor. Alcoholism isn’t just a physical condition, though it’s a serious health concern. It’s an issue of a human beingļæ½s mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The goal is to help you to identify what you might be doing to harm your relationship with alcohol and to understand its role in your life and your life in society. For example, here are some facts about why alcohol may cause problems in one’s relationship with marriage:

How Does Alcohol Affect Marriage?

1) Your husband or wife may become depressed after drinking.

2) They may become angry and resentful.

3) They may become angry and jealous.

4) They may become depressed and feel depressed.

5) They may become aggressive and angry.

6) They may become apathetic and bored.

7) They may not want to be married.

8) They may have marital problems.

9) They may have family problems.

10) They may become angry at their families.

11) They may have legal problems.

12) They may become violent.

13) They may have child abuse problems.

14) They may have a child who is afraid of him or herself.

15) They may become a criminal.

16) They may become a rapist or a thief.

17) They may become a kidnapper.

18) They may become an abuser of children.

19) They may commit suicide.

20) They may be homeless.

21) They may have domestic violence problems.

How to Identify and Eliminate Alcoholism from Your Relationship

If you are currently in an unhealthy relationship where alcohol abuse is present, it will be important to keep in mind that it’s not always a conscious action. You may be afraid. You may not be conscious of it. The most important thing is to get help. There are a number of resources available and it’s always best to go to one before you attempt to address yourself. You can find a local support group by going to (formerly the National Coalition of Alcoholics Anonymous). A good way to begin is to reach out by email to a local support group who can provide practical assistance. You can find a list of local support groups by going to . Remember, if you feel you are being abused, a call to the police would be helpful. Many abuse victims feel ashamed to report abuse to police as they fear they won’t find the right person caring for them. In order to get some relief from anxiety, a friend may want to be your support group. You can find a friend group by going to (formerly the American Association of Relational and Pregnancy Counselors). If you don’t have a friend to rely on, you can contact an Anonymous support group. An Anonymous support group can provide practical help. Once you have identified and eliminated alcoholism from your relationship, it will be important that you begin to work on addressing the underlying issues that might create the addiction. An important part of doing this is looking inside the heart instead of the brain.

Steps to Identifying Alcoholism from the Inside Out