Why We Should Focus On Our Own Health, Not Just The Health Of Others

Why We Should Focus On Our Own Health, Not Just The Health Of Others by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo – one of the world’s leading doctors-of-medicine on why we shouldn’t ignore our own health, or the health of others.

For centuries, everyone’s health has been one of the greatest objects of the medical gaze. And because we are all humans, we are all vulnerable to disease and suffering. No one is immune, and all of us are ultimately dependent on one another. In this sense, health is more than just the sum of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Health is about how we interact and relate with each other, even when we are sick and suffering. In this chapter, Dr. D’Adamo addresses why health matters for all of us, and why it is so important to look to and appreciate that interdependence and how it affects us all.

How Health Matters for All of Us, by Peter J. D’Adamo – a doctor of medicine who is the co-founder of the Health at Every Size (HAES) movement and author of seven books about nutrition and physical activity.

Health at Every Size: What Every Size Needs to Know about Fat, Size, and Health

The Way We Eat Matters – And Why It Matters for All of Us, by Peter D’Adamo

How to Eat to Health by Peter D’Adamo – another book by Dr. D’Adamo on the subject of food, nutrition. Dr. D’Adamo also founded the HAES movement, which encourages people of all sizes to have a healthy lifestyle and focus on eating to maintain health.

The Food Revolution: Healing Traditional Foods for Modern Times , by William R. Kenan . This is an excellent summary of the major health benefits for everyone who is overweight, as well as the health and wellness benefits for individuals who are underweight or of normal weight.

The Food Revolution by William R. Kenan – a great summary of what HAES advocates for our diets, including how to incorporate our foods into our exercise routine to create a healthy weight.  In this book, you’ll find a healthy and delicious approach to eating in order to achieve a healthy, long-term lifestyle, including nutrition for weight loss, healthy dietary choices during pregnancy and exercise for the health of our children and for the better overall health of our communities. I recommend reading this book along with the two above mentioned.

Hormones in Fat , by Susan J. Thomas , which is also very informative for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

The Paleo Revolution by Loren Cordain ; if you want the best overview of what it is and all the implications it has for the way we eat and what we do, then this is the book for you. This book is about the many health, lifestyle and scientific changes that have been observed between the Paleolithic people of the Paleolithic era and modern humans, and the implications that may have on all of our modern lifestyles.

The Paleo Diet, by Loren Cordain . This book gives us a great introduction to the Paleo lifestyle, focusing on the benefits that can be derived from the Paleo, hunter-gatherer and Primal diets. This book provides a solid foundation for those who are just starting to develop an interest in all things Paleo.

How to Overcome Your Own Food Addiction: The Missing Connection Between Food and Weight Loss , by Elizabeth Blackburn – this book is the first one I’d recommend that readers start with as a primer of the science of nutrition and weight loss and an excellent source of information for anyone who wants to get healthy as quickly and easily as possible. This book is an absolute must for anyone who wants to lose weight.

The Paleo Solution: The Whole30 Food Plan for Real, Fast Weight Loss , by Robb Wolf – Robb Wolf is the world’s leading health and fitness blogger and author.