Why We Should Think About Money And Not Emotions For The Future

To a large extent, we are like our bodies – we do not fully function without energy, and we experience physical sickness and dysfunction when we are deprived of the necessary fuel for our systems. In today’s world, the power to finance our own happiness and health lies with ourselves. When we can focus on and utilize our financial tools without attachment, we create a healthy financial future that will allow us to move closer than ever before to that full experience of ourselves.

When you are hungry, you eat. When you are angry, you react. When you are stressed, you feel anxious. When you are sleepy, you relax. When you are happy, you think positively. We can all improve our health and our happiness by thinking strategically. But the right mind can focus one thing – to focus on money and not emotional states . This is a new principle. It’s about creating a powerful state of clarity about money and not emotions.

Money is your ticket to happiness: It is the energy for you to pursue your true life purpose (whether that means a love of nature or a career path – all are possibilities). It is your energy bank. No matter what your goals are and no matter where your energy resources lie, if you have a clear, safe financial future, you will be able to pursue those goals with more confidence, because you know where your funds are all going.   The more money you have, the more money you have to invest in your journey – it’s an exponential process, as we all know.

So what does this have to do with emotions? Emotions are not about happiness, they are about fear and happiness are not just in the eye of the beholder . They are an essential part of the happiness equation.

If you’re angry at someone, that feeling does not always turn into anger. It does not necessarily take the form of punching them in the face and shouting, “You’re a jerk!”. That’s not even the whole story. Sometimes, the angry feeling is less about that. The anger may come from a feeling that your partner is an enemy, or from a feeling that your life was upended or you’ve missed something important, or from just being stuck in the mind. It may just be, as a matter of habit, to just feel that feeling that we call anger – to be angry is to feel angry. But often that anger is also much deeper than that. It is about what makes this person wrong or how they’ve treated you, and if we’re not paying attention to it, then it can become distorted with a view of this person as somehow “bad” or “opposite” to you. If you’re not paying attention, you may end up being more emotionally attached to the angry feeling instead of feeling more about the more positive emotion of gratitude or compassion . For those who feel stuck in this cycle, it can seem like they can’t move on, because they keep wanting to get back to the point of feeling angry. They want it to be the “best” feeling ever, so that they can get over the pain of feeling like they’ve missed something or have been rejected or left behind .

Emotions do not lie: Emotions do not lie. You can’t see emotions. You cannot predict who will feel a certain way or react to something without it really happening. To try to make sense of it, you need to think about the past and future and see the patterns, even if you are just speculating.   It does not matter that you’ve never felt this way about anything in your life before. Emotions are the body’s way of filtering information that doesn’t quite fit and letting it go, and your body is the very same way. As much as we would like to believe in telepathy, we cannot read our thoughts and emotions. This doesn’t mean we need to ignore emotions entirely, but it does mean that it needs to be seen as a separate issue, and one of personal wisdom.