Why We Want Everyone To Have More Children

The number of children a person wants can vary from day to day; however, they generally have a tendency to go up, up, up as individuals or as a couple.

We tend to want to have more children on our own if we expect our incomes to increase. The reason for this, says Zahidi, is that we “know that the more offspring we have, the more children we will want, which would allow us to make all that money we would accumulate at a young age. Plus, having a few kids allows us to use our wealth to support both our parents at age 80 or even earlier.

We tend to want more kids if our financial situation worsens. However, there are other, more subtle reasons as well. As mentioned, we tend to want more children as our wealth improves, but we also want to have more children in certain situations.

“A few years ago, before I had even found the ‘right partner,’ I felt the need to procreate. A job change left me without any benefits, which was very hard for me. On the verge of becoming homeless, I had to work a series of dead-end jobs, but I was still living at home and my family only had so much to eat. I needed to get rid of some of this debt by having kids.

In other situations, however, having a large family is not always necessary. For example, having 2 kids can improve your financial situation. It’s not always true, but having a young, healthy child that’s still in high school can help you earn a lot more money in the future. If you have a sick kid and you want that kid to stay healthy until he or she hits adulthood and can become productive in a more meaningful way, you may want to have as many kids as possible to ensure that your child doesn’t become like your mom.

Even though I never had any serious debts, I never knew it until I was pregnant. I thought I knew my family would get rich, but the way my husband started taking more and more interest income and he put the money in bank accounts after the kids had already been born wasn’t normal. He made the decision he wouldn’t marry me anymore and left the job I had wanted to keep to travel and live abroad.

But the money he put into it for me is still there, but I don’t have much at all. The way I can make some of it back would be to try to get a job where we could both get higher salaries, but my husband decided to work until he died, so I wouldn’t need this option.

I didn’t realize how poor my current family is, because it’s hidden. For example, I don’t know how much I have in savings or my monthly expenses for groceries. If I did, I wonder if I would have more children. I have a little, but I don’t know if I can do that again if I am poor, but we’ll see.”

The following excerpt is written by a man who wants a lot of children. After having a very unhappy marriage and living on the streets after his husband passed away, he is now considering getting a vasectomy. The man has been in a relationship with a woman for over fifteen years. His relationship with his wife, though, is extremely unhappy because their children are in the middle of school and the woman is a stay-at-home mother. Since the man is not working and his wife is working full time, both of them take home roughly the same salary of about 30,000 Euros a month. One night, the woman leaves their children alone while she is at work. Their 10-year old son asks his mother how she is feeling, to which she responds, “When I have children, I’m going to be like my mother.”