Why We’re Afraid To Speak Up About Ourselves

We feel that our lives are our own business, and it would be the best way to do ourselves or the people around us justice if we simply left them alone. Unfortunately, if we do speak, other’s views on who we are are often determined by our outward appearances. We don’t feel that we have to be beautiful or well-built to feel real, or that we have to be nice or strong to be accepted or loved! There are plenty of ways to live that are less demanding of your time and energy.

Our world is often filled with judgment and fear of the unknown, where we are never certain of the reactions of others. Yet we can choose the reactions we have to situations and people. As human beings, we possess a tremendous power to think, feel and express thought. When we can choose the thoughts and feelings that go out, I think we can better determine our destiny.

How to Choose Your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

What your mind, heart and body are capable of is an individual’s best defense. You can choose to control them through choice of thoughts, feelings, habits and actions. It doesn’t do us any good to tell you we can’t do anything, as it’s up to you to decide if you want to. That is my message to all of our members and I think you will find it true. All we give is the strength and knowledge to decide.

How can I choose how to respond to situations that occur or my own experiences? Here are some tips:

·       The key to changing your thoughts is to first decide what your thoughts are: what beliefs and emotions are in your brain that keep you from living how YOU want to live.               Think about your worst experience: did something bad or threatening happen to you? Now, think about where it makes you feel. Write down what it made you feel. Think carefully about how many times during the day do you feel your worst feelings? How many times have you let them get the better of you?               Now ask yourself: is this happening because your thinking is too positive, a positive thought makes a negative feeling better? If the answer is yes, you’re probably living in the most positive, open and peaceful mind you can have.               If you are feeling too fearful when it comes to the thoughts you have going in your mind about somebody, then you’re probably not in the positive thinking or attitude that YOU want to live that has created this fear.               Now try to think of a scenario or situation where you could have been fearful, how is it different than this? Try to find how the situation or situation is completely different from how you might feel.               If you really want to learn about your power and ability to choose your thoughts, feelings and behavior, start by looking for the thoughts and behavior you do most of the time, the ones that have become a part of you and affect you the most.

You might be afraid to speak up about something because you’re worried about reactions. You might have the feeling that if you come out and talk about it, you will become more vulnerable. But the truth is that we have so much power over our own situations, words and actions that we can choose to talk about them – or not talk.

How to Learn How to Accept, Love, Respect and Live In Peace with Each Other

We feel that we need to let everybody know we know about the people that hurt us most when they hurt us. And if the people we know don’t listen or help us to help others get free from the negativity, we feel we have no choice but to get angry and hurt them or even kill them.  We want to help, but are afraid to do so. The truth is that there is no such thing as a non-violent person. We are all capable of violence. Every one of us has experienced it if we were able to make it to adulthood and live, and we all will experience it in some form of form at some time in our lives.