Why You Are The Way You Are

We can only learn from our mistakes, but sometimes it can be beneficial to look inward.

A friend of mine who is an astrologer recently told me that I was in the “bad sign” for an upcoming period of life. But he then suggested I read my horoscope. The information he gave me was a clear insight: It was clear that I am on the wrong side of the chart, and it is likely due to some sort of “incubation” in the past. But the astrologer didn’t know what that meant. So he suggested I consider what would happen if I were a bit more aware of my history.

An incubation is a period of time during which a planet, or force, exerts a large influence on a person through the influence of the planet on our sun. Sometimes, such as with Mercury, the influence can be strong enough to be noticed. But sometimes, such as with Mars, it can be barely detectable. And then other times, such as with the planets in Aries, the influence can be so subtle as to completely go unnoticed.

My last astrology update was on the 29th, and since then, I made a lot of personal growth. It was very difficult for me to admit to myself that I need to stop giving into the temptations that came my way during my periods of youth, and that for years I had been acting like a child instead of a man.

After a brief break, I realized my mistake, and realized that I still needed to take responsibility. I needed to be in control.

I made three mistakes while going out on my own. The first was a bit of a joke, where I gave my friend the wrong address for his flat. But I had no option but to go on the date with this other guy.

The second mistake was a bit more serious, where I ended up in a physical fight for my life.

The last mistake, and the one I was most anxious about in my last astrology update, was to “let myself get” into a relationship with someone I just met, which meant losing my virginity, and giving that man the power I should have had.

These two, small examples are the tip of the iceberg. Even though I am working to keep myself in control, I feel like the tides have turned.

A few months ago, I went on a date with a girl who was very much on the opposite side of all the planets from me. She was also very young, and was interested in “older guys”. I immediately tried to give myself advice. In retrospect, it was too late. She came on to me, the next day, and we started having sex.

Later the same night I was at a bar and met two guys from Italy, to go on a trip. It was during this time my astrology report came out. They were very young and very attractive – two of the hottest guys I have met. But they were totally unfamiliar with my past, and they were very interested in knowing about me. That was too much for me to handle. I have never been so nervous in my life before. I am not scared of men at all, but it took me a while to calm down… I think I was just a bit “off”. But I didn’t want those guys to know the real me, and I was extremely shy at the time.

I was only able to overcome my fears and accept these guys on a personal level because my astrology report indicated that I should do so. That I should go back after everything, and realize I need to learn from the mistakes of my youth.

The past is on your side, and we have to put ourselves into our past in order to learn how to deal with our future. I cannot stress this enough.