Why You Aren’t Getting The Lifestyle You Really Want

Many people get stuck in a rut. They haven’t made changes in a few years either because they are too lazy to make the effort, or because they don’t feel like it. But if you’re in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” camp, chances are you don’t have a problem. So here are some simple tips on how to make changes for good – even if they aren’t sexy.

For decades, I have had the same job I had in high school. I started out doing a good job, but I had no passion. When I moved to Colorado Springs I needed a change, and I was happy to say the least. The lifestyle was more fulfilling, more free, and I actually had a lot more fun. With that said, I still have the same “office job” when I am in Denver. My office mate is in a similar situation (also a first-time grad student); she works in a bar and is currently working her way up to a full-time job. As both of our situations are at this point, we decided to take a little time to reflect on what it takes to truly have a fulfilling, fulfilling lifestyle.

Step 1. Find a hobby

We are all busy, so if you can find a way to be creative (I’m talking about a hobby, not an hour each night on Netflix), you will find it easy to create a full-time, fulfilling career. Not everything will fall in place for you, especially if you don’t have a certain skill, but once you start creating, chances are you will be much more satisfied. Just because someone doesn’t have the skill don’t mean it can’t be done, and you will find someone else to share your skill.

Step 2. Find a passion.

Now you have to find something you are a jack-of-all-trades for. I have been doing a little bit of gardening this spring. I didn’t think it would ever be enough, but it is. In the fall, my house needs some serious TLC. In any case, you really want to pick something you can be comfortable doing. Most people I have told this to get really excited and think hard about what would be fun to do, but if you just want something you can easily do it, you can just come to think of something. It’s not really that hard to do. Just take in a few ideas that interest you, and work on them. We have more ideas than anyone else we know. It can be any job, hobby, or passion in a wide range of things. As long as you want something, you will be able to find it.

Step 3. Make sure your skills are in order.

Once you have found a hobby or passion, it’s time to start working on it and practice your skills. This is where this whole plan comes in, so don’t skip this part! Practice makes perfect. It is possible to get a job from someone’s backyard. If someone has a job waiting for you to start making a career out of it, you will be able to start making a good living. If you get too comfortable, it won’t be as easy to take a step up. You also don’t want to make this a career for someone if you don’t want to be happy in it because the work is hard.

Step 4. Create a realistic career plan and career path

It’s time to come up with a career path that you plan on taking seriously. Take some time to get an idea of what kind of work will pay and how it will be structured. Make sure whatever career you are choosing is one that will allow you to make enough money, if not more without having anything to do with the environment (the most common reason for people to quit a well-paying job). What kind of job do you think you will have if you have this “big bang” career opportunity? Are you willing to work very long hours or is it something you are ok with doing so long as you are getting paid well enough, and getting a good work/life balance? This is all about your goals and how you want to approach your life.

Step 5.