Why You Can’t Quit Your Job

As much as you love your job and want to continue to be in the role that you love, you can’t give up the life you have currently. There is always more work you want to do outside of that. You don’t have to quit; you simply need to expand your horizons. It isn’t worth being in today’s job.

I was hired to create new content and keep up the site. It was an exciting opportunity, but it wasn’t the life I had always envisioned. I wanted to do what I was best at and give my love back to society. I wanted to create an online forum for musicians who had been through similar situations. When I started researching jobs, the first one that popped up in my mind was a therapist. After a while I found out that the first thing someone needed to do upon learning they have to quit their job was to read a job description and figure out whether or not a job like that would be right for them. I also found out you can’t quit your job and still have a good life, unless you get a job that will allow you to live at your current standard of living.

If you don’t like your job, then just move to the country that doesn’t have such strict work laws or get a better job. Just be sure to find a way to afford your living while living a happy lifestyle! You can’t expect an overnight change in the weather so be on your toes!

It sucks when your friends and family are getting paid way too much and have their own homes and cars. It sucks that people with decent jobs don’t even take pride in the job they have. It sucks that companies only care of making a profit. They have no loyalty to their employees. They only care about building bigger and better profit margins. You could quit your job in a place like New York or San Francisco, but you might need to move somewhere safer, like New England. If you want to be happy and live a happy life, you have to understand that there are no shortcuts. To live a happy and successful life, you have to be willing to take action. You can’t sit around and watch your life disappear away on autopilot anymore. There are still people out there who want to do what you do and are willing to work extremely hard for themself’s happiness. Don’t be like them. The life you are living now is over. You aren’t getting any younger. So enjoy the ride. You aren’t going to take it for granted and you aren’t going to take it for granted when you look into the distance and realize that even if it’s just an hour of air you’ll only live a few more minutes. That’s what life is all about. Enjoy it for the duration.

You are here because you were put here and you aren’t gonna leave. You could be looking for a high paying job at a company with a lot of money, but what would that be worth to you if you have the heart and soul of a person who wants to change the lives of people, you want to make an impact on the world? You could look at your own life and say, ‘I don’t want to live the way that other people live’. You have been given a privilege and it is your job to protect it, because you need to see it with your own eyes.