Why You Don’t Have To Give Up On Your Dreams

When we give up on ourselves, we are left with no reason to keep trying. With the passage of time, people give up on their dreams or goals, they begin to question their beliefs.

My work is designed to give people a greater sense of optimism because as Albert Einstein once said: “It’s not what is impossible that counts, but what is possible.” In other words, the most difficult challenges of our life are usually not what we fear the most. Those are the ones that we keep trying to figure out by ourselves. What makes us nervous or scared. The ones that tell us things that we need to believe or do or say or create. To keep going is when we are truly happy. It feels good to give up something that seems impossible or something that we know we’re not capable of, but we also have a wonderful sense of being alive, because that’s where we get to find the greatest meaning in life. As I shared in my post on how to keep going in the face of failure, I have found it most meaningful to do something challenging in my life because I believe there is usually some “bigger picture” behind challenges like these, and those goals are often only just beyond our reach.

Today’s post is not intended to be a “go-to” for all people struggling with their dreams. It is meant to inspire and motivate those readers who are just beginning, are still unsure, are just afraid or still have doubts. This post is not directed toward people who are trying to be more confident, stronger, healthier, more creative, and more fulfilled and successful in their chosen line of work.  That post is at

Now we need to make our dream come true!!!

I have learned my lessons, I have conquered my fears, now time to move forward! That’s the first thing to do

1. Accepting The Challenge And Moving Forward

Let’s start by accepting the challenge (like, what am I trying to do?) and then move forward with it. Don’t worry, we have to accept that it will fail sometimes, but at least we know what’s our goals. In doing so, we also know the things we need to do in order to make it happen and we also have the courage to do them. When we’re accepting the challenge and moving forward from it, we are also doing our part to find out and follow through on all we need in order to be successful. If you want to learn more about getting motivated to move forward on the next goal, please watch this interview with Brian Tracy of Success Story.

You won’t have an easy time of it (well, if you really want to succeed you probably will, I’m just making a point) You will have to accept, accept, accept, accept, accepting…

Let’s not let the fear of failure stop us from pursuing our dreams.  The fear of failure is something most of us have gone through at some point in our life.  A common reason is because we are not ready for something.  That fear can make us say “no” and stop what we are doing because what we are doing right now is not what we want to do.  But let’s talk about what makes us ready for something and why it matters.  It doesn’t matter if we’re just starting out or if we’ve been working towards that dream for a long time.  The most important thing in the end is what we are doing to make what we want happen.  What we are doing has a lot to do with us personally.  If we’re doing something right out of fear of failure, and we are not doing something positive and moving forward with the intention of success in anything we do, we will get that fear.  Then we stop moving forward.  We get stuck.  It is the same thing with life, if we’re afraid to move forward, why are we even living it?  Are we doing anything with it, or even doing anything with the process to get us closer to our goals?  Doing something wrong or wrong by default is not going to get us what we want.