Why You Have To Love Yourself

A lot of people love themselves, or at least aspire to love themselves. But is that the right approach? That’s not for me to decide. I just hope that it is. For now, I will let myself get into the mindset of self-hater (no pun intended) and just appreciate my body. The sooner I am over that pain the sooner I can focus on what matters…being me.

In general, it comes down to a mindset adjustment; where the focus is not on what others tell you to love but what you feel inside, for lack of a better word. You are who you are (I hope), but you are also a human being and the most important parts of you are your mind and body . That being said, the key to having a healthy, happy life is self awareness. Without being aware of your life, I don’t think you can be happy. That goes to the next question, is it possible to be happy? Not just with yourself but with the people you love as well. The answer is yes. We all have a unique life experience and there is no such thing as a perfect person , no matter all the people we love! You need to be aware of your own experience and the people in it so you can live your own life and not judge anyone else’s lives as wrong or a waste because they don’t match up with yours .

I love and enjoy being loved

If you are going to have friends, you have to like your friends. It doesn’t mean you are going to be friends with them all the time but by the time you are older they may seem like someone else altogether if you didn’t like them. At some point, we all need our self development and by loving yourself, that process starts. We want what’s best for ourselves (a sense of well being) even if sometimes the “best for ourselves” may not be a thing that you can achieve. There are just so many different ways we can love ourselves but most of them end up being a matter of perception rather then reality. You can learn all the right things and it may not be a matter of how you are actually feeling, it may just be a matter of perception.

The important point is this – being honest with yourself about what you don’t like about yourself helps you to like yourself and so makes you happy and fulfilled. So go ahead; be honest about your feelings, be honest about what you think you don’t like about yourself. Because if you learn to love yourself honestly, that’s basically how you get people to love you, by loving yourself. For instance, you can be honest with yourself about the fact that you don’t always think or enjoy doing something because that can be pretty limiting. It may not be a choice but I can promise that if you honestly look in that mirror and look at yourself in that regard, you will start to love yourself more instead of less. It is so easy to be an artist or a musician or a chef but there is no room for that in one’s life. If you try to do everything at once, you either won’t have time to eat or you will be overwhelmed by life, it just won’t work for you. You can’t be an artist in the kitchen even if you try your best. The fact is that the time and energy, time and energy is there if you want it because you have the talent. If only you could make it happen right, you would know what the outcome of the endeavor would be because it would have been made for you if you had it in you.

The bottom line is to love yourself in the smallest and most practical way possible. If not possible it’s OK at least to try as you develop the patience necessary. It’s OK to love yourself the way you believe you should, the way you think you should. The more honest you are, the likelier you are to fall in love with a person who loves you and not a person who likes you. If you are like me, you will always be surprised at how much you like some people and hate your friends, that’s life. The key is not to be overly critical, rather to be aware of the people in your life and love them.

To me, love is the most important part of a relationship. The truth is I am not so much in love with anyone as I am in love with myself. As humans we are wired to make love in groups to bond, but love takes place in the most personal and individual ways.