Why You Need To Be Focused On Your Health Before The Future

We all know the saying about never getting too big for your britches, and how important it is to be able to focus to get the best from life as quickly as we can. This short video from our own Dr. Bob Lutz, expert in the field, is about exactly that.

There are three reasons I don’t believe there’s any “perfect” age to get married: (1) you never know when you’re going to be going through the “right” amount of life events, (2) when you do get married, your needs will be met by others, either spouses or children, or both, and (3) there’s the possibility that you could be having children and be too busy to raise them to be able to dedicate your life to them. You’ll be surprised at what comes with age. It’s not all doom and gloom. It’s about choosing the “right” life for yourself, whether this will be a longer or shorter time. The question is, will you be focused on getting the best years of my life for me, or will you choose to live what may be your own best life to provide for your family? Life is about choices. It’s about how you choose to live, not be living.

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An Anonymous at September 15, 2010 8:47 PM

How do you stop overtraining? You can’t. If you train with intensity while your body isn’t able to fully recover, eventually you get injured or the stress is too much for your recovery system. It’s the same concept as when you’re doing aerobics. You can’t train hard with intensity without rest at the end. It’s the same when you’re lifting weights. You can’t lift heavy weights with intensity (with only three reps per set) without rest in between sets. It’s the same when you’re on an aerobic program, you can’t workout hard and keep it to only running intervals. The same thing happens when you’re working and playing at the same time. The body can only fully recover from so much exercise intensity at one time, so in order to use a high volume of exercise, it has to be split up evenly so you can recover better between bouts. If you don’t pay enough attention to taking breaks between sets, you’ll injure yourself. We need to be conscious when doing what we’re doing to make sure that we aren’t doing too much at once, which can actually be hurting ourselves more that we ever can help. Exercise and rest are two sides of the same coin. A full recovery can be achieved by only exercising a little at a time, but if you do too much, it’ll interfere with proper recovery. If you want to lose some fat you can’t go too hard, but don’t also go too easy because it will just put you in a calorie surplus that you can’t go out and burn. We do a lot of things wrong when it comes to nutrition. We don’t realize what we’re missing. I would love to give up, but the truth is that it’s not healthy and it’s very easy to gain extra weight if you don’t eat the right way around healthy foods. Nutrition isn’t about being healthy, it’s about being happy. I wish everyone would read Eat, Move and Live: The Best Eating and Exercise Habits Every Human Can Do by Mike T. Lewis. It helps you make better lifestyle choices, get the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet and keep track of how much you’re losing in weight with each meal. I’ve been reading it regularly and I’m working on eating a little more meat right now. It’s easier said than done, I have to work on each meal to make sure I eat them more often so I gain muscle and weight. The right choices can make a huge difference. I’m also taking a lot of vitamin D because it has such a detrimental effect on my body. It keeps my bone density high, and it keeps my estrogen levels up so I’m not prone to estrogen-related ailments. I’ve never taken vitamins before, but I’m taking them now to help reduce inflammation, to help my estrogen levels increase, and to help me have a healthier immune system and prevent disease.