Why You Need To Stop Using Your Hands

When you are using your hands you are not focused on doing something but on feeling. This can lead to overwork, inactivity and overuse of your hands.

The most basic hand-eye coordination is a function of the nerves in your hands. A hand with more nerves in it has more difficulty in the coordination task of activating neurons and keeping their function alive. This is not to suggest that you go around without your hands, but just know that there are times when you need to use them.

In the example in the photo above I have been using my hands for quite a long time, and I have lost so much hand muscle by not using them very much. The muscle is not being used well and is not being able to repair it. When something goes wrong it does not feel good to try hard to fix it, so it’s a great relief to give it a break.

When you are using your hand as a physical tool to perform a task then the hand muscles in your body will become weaker. The more you use your hands the more easily your nervous system will notice these weakened muscles and it will start to feel bad when using them. It starts to feel like you have less control and in many cases I hear the thought “can’t do it anymore”.

When you are using your hands then you need to make your muscles contract, release, and flex as the muscles become weaker. This will bring a sense of safety and a sense of control as you are able to use the muscles on your hand. You will also feel more relaxed when this is happening. These are some of the reasons you should take time to use your hands.

The next image I would like to talk about is a study of people watching a movie. The researchers used a film to look at the brain in different situations. They found that the people who watched movies with only quiet moments found it easier to concentrate and used their thoughts more quickly. The brain can become very quiet if you watch movies in a specific kind of mind-set such as when you are bored.

If you like this type of thinking you should try to find a time when you are bored. Go for a walk in nature for instance, or sit in a comfy chair and simply sit and watch the world around you.  It takes longer and requires more focus but it is well worth the effort.

The next study has found that when people watch movies with a lot of action and lots of people talking it changes the brain. They discovered that when people watched films with more action and people talking it activates more neurons on the visual cortex with more activity in this area, more focus, reduced anxiety, and a feeling of well-being and happiness.

If you love action and movies then check out movies with a lot of characters, and action scenes. They may have a bit of a negative effect on you but they are well worth it.

You probably like to read things while you are reading… Here is a list of all the things you should know and try to remember when you read.

Reading is a good habit!

In this post I have provided a quick list for you to remind yourself of your hand-eye coordination skills. If you ever need to practice just do it using your hands! If you do not have time, just use your mind. If you ever need to try it out you can find some cool places that teach you everything you need to know in this blog post. Now I hope that you find this post of interest. If you don’t then I suggest you check out these cool websites on how to find your voice, learn to swim and the best food in the world.