Why You Need Your Gut To Be A Gym

We all benefit when our organs work together to promote health. But this synergy is more powerful when it is enabled — because it is the synergy that makes a balanced, natural, productive, vibrant, productive, vibrant healthy, lively, lively body. So, the first step in the recovery process that is required for our bodies to return to being healthy is to be able to feel healthy by ourselves and to take steps to support that recovery.

Our gut is the second largest organ in our body — just behind our stomach — and our microbiome, which is made up of 80 percent bacteria, is the main reason we feel “full” when we eat. Without our gut, we could not taste good. Without us being able to hear, to sense, to smell, to hear all the bacteria in our intestines, we could not enjoy delicious foods, which is why we have to eat for flavor and health every day.

We all need to maintain a healthy and balanced gut, because it’s the main gateway to our immune system, and our immune system works to clean us and keep us healthy with good immune cells.

In order to heal all of our bodies, we must restore health to our gut. It’s the first step of the process when we begin to take care of our bodies.

I’ve had this gut problem at both ends of my family for as many as 18 years. We lost so much weight after the loss of a loved one — both of my parents are no longer with us — and so much was lost from my dad before that. We just got through all of that with this gut problem so I never thought to look into it until I had some time off work and I was in my early 40’s, and it had never gotten to the point where I could feel the lack of healthiness. And then I just looked into its source and I realized how unhealthy I really was. I realized that my gut was not functioning properly and that there was a lot of bad bacteria. 

And just to make our journey that much easier, when I was working for a living as a nurse that year, there was a lactation consultant on staff who had worked with many babies who had problems with their gut. The problem with the lactation consultant is that she would show me the problem, which was that my infant daughter never got full on breast milk, and the lactation consultant suggested the only way to cure it was the use of formula. So I just started reading up on formula and was very excited to see there were so many amazing benefits to be gotten for breast milk alone.

It just clicked for me that we all need to find out what is causing us to feel ill and how it can be treated.

What Causes a Low-Residue Gut?

Loss of normal bacterial colonization and disruption of gut epithelial cells can lead to a low-residue gut in many adults.

Here are some of the key causes of this common issue and ways to treat it…

Low-Residue Gut Causes

Low-Residue Gut Symptoms:

– Constipation

– Constipation with diarrhea, especially if you still have blood in your stool

– Vomiting or cramping in your gut when you poop

– Bloating when you poop

– Pain in your gut

– Nausea and/or vomiting

– Stool can become hard when you poop

– Weight loss when you try to shed weight from your gut

– Irritability

– Irritability with a low-residue gut can happen because you no longer have normal levels of bile to aid in digestion.

How to Treat a Low-Residue Gut

There are a few ways to get those good bad bacteria back into your gut, the first step is eliminating the cause. Here are some strategies to help get rid of the bad bacteria.

– Eat clean diets with fresh fruits and vegetables for gut health

– Follow a high quality, slow digesting probiotic, which helps you build up the good bacteria.