Why You Should Be Playing More Tennis

I love tennis. It takes the edge off of life. The sense that we’re all working together toward the same thing in this game of life–to win (and be happy) in the end–is powerful.

I’ve written many articles about tennis and its importance to my life, both personally and professionally. I believe that tennis teaches us a lot about ourselves and also, how to be. It’s a game of the mind, just like chess. I like to think that tennis teaches us how to see both our own faults and the strengths others possess and learn from them. There’s nothing better than learning an opponent’s strengths to use towards our self-improvement. Tennis teaches us perspective and how to view the tennis court and your opponent as a person (not just their game).

Once you master this game it only gets better. You’re able to look at your opponent from a different perspective and then learn to play with your opponent’s mind. Once you know your opponent’s style and approach, that’s when you become the better player.

The more you play and the more you grow as a person the more you can pick your own game up and use it to improve yourself, to improve your game, your opponents game, and ultimately improve your life.

Tennis teaches us so much about life by being the best way to have a competitive edge. It’s a game that requires skill and consistency over a minimum of ten years (a lifetime in some cases). You will be challenged at every turn. It can be really hard to overcome those obstacles and keep your head above water, but it’s well worth it.

Tennis has never been better.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Tennis USA for donating all my travel and lodging expenses since I was born. They have been my family through thick and thin. My mother and I would live out of hotels for months in a row at a time if all their expenses and donations were not taken care of. They are a beautiful organization that will always be in my heart. Thank you, Tennis USA! 

I’d also like to give a special thanks to my sponsors for making my dreams come true:

Basketball Star Dwayne Wade

My coaches at the University of Illinois, and all my friends back home, who believed in me and are rooting for me for all I’ve given these past seven years. 

Also, I’d like to thank my wife, Jessica, for understanding that I have a passion for writing and for allowing me to do the things I love. She is also helping me stay focused and committed. Thank you, Jen, for everything!

                                                                TENNIS PLAYS A KEY ROLE IN ME HAVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE I was overweight when I started playing tennis in high school (which doesn’t even matter when you’re an elite player). In middle school I had weight to spare before being told I’m too big. The only thing that kept me going was working out 5-6 days a week until I could eat like a normal kid again. When I started playing tennis in college I knew I wanted to get in shape, but I had no plan of how to go about doing it. The only thing I knew, the one thing I worked on every day in the weight room, was how to play tennis. So that’s how the game played a big role in my desire to be in shape. It helped me stay motivated.  I love to go on long runs, long bike rides, and even go skydiving when I’m in a good mood. Tennis brings me good energy in a good mood. It helps me keep my concentration. I started doing yoga when I was 16 and love that it makes me feel good.  As I grew older my practice really increased in intensity and complexity. I worked more on improving technique and learning my strengths. I was constantly working on technique and reading my strokes and trying to do everything in my power to play good. The thing I found is, if I didn’t practice a lot, I lost. I just couldn’t compete anymore and it cost me a lot.