Why You Should Do Yoga

Yoga is all about alignment and alignment is important for everything.

In this day and age of self-diagnosis via the Internet, it seems that everyone can find something wrong with themselves by conducting a simple search of symptoms online. Sadly, even young people fall prey to this. The best way to know for sure if yoga will benefit your health is to find a qualified yoga instructor. You will be amazed at the range of benefits you will receive in your body and life.

Yoga is not just for the yoga enthusiasts. Everyone can learn this ancient practice. We live in an interconnected universe. Everything we do physically and spiritually affects everything else we do in the universe. Yoga is the means to connect us all, to find inner peace and harmony.

“The universe is what we do with the body. We live with it but we are not its masters. Its masters are us. The universe is a reflection of our actions which manifest in the material world we occupy.” ~Krishnamurti

My Yoga Practice

I chose to teach in our campus environment. I am an introvert and prefer to work from home. My kids are all busy working and I don’t enjoy working in the office too much. My class does require an entry level level of experience to teach. It is important to develop as a teacher at this level before being taught by higher level teachers.

This is a very popular class but it’s important to remember your students, you may not become enlightened at the end of your yoga practice, it takes the practice of Yoga to truly become enlightened.

We provide ample time to each student every day to complete each of our poses. This means you will be in a much better position to make a decision about your current situation and your future. We do NOT have class during breaks, unless you choose to take the extended class.

Yoga is an ongoing process for each student. We have created a daily sequence of poses that students can use to become more centered and focused.

Yoga’s Benefits

The benefits of Yoga can be found in various ways. Some of the benefits I’ve discovered are as follows:

• Balance the mind and body

• A sense of well being and peace

• Awareness of our inner being

• Decreased body tension

• A sense of joy

• Emotions increase and are more controlled

• Emotions are more grounded

• Feeling of oneness between yourself and the universe

• More open and connected to your emotions

• Awareness of emotions and thoughts before they manifest

• Energy levels increase

• Peaceful moments and a sense of peace

As we age, our physical body loses many of it’s protective qualities and ability to perform as well as when younger. This can be caused by a number of causes, including, but not limited to, genetics, illness, environmental factors, genetics, stress, and genetics. Yoga improves many of the physical problems that we experience as we age.

Yoga also plays a role in mental health. By teaching myself to have calm and peaceful thoughts without anger, fear, and resentment, I am also in a better position to understand my emotions and to cope with them.

We do a lot of working out together. Yoga can help develop core strength and balance. During class we may do a variety of exercises to strengthen the core muscle group. Each day I incorporate at least one, and often more, of the core movements into my workout. By incorporating yoga into each day’s work out, I have been able to feel lighter, more energized, and more present.

I highly recommend this exercise as part of your routine.