Why You Should Eat Like A Hippie

It’s time to start living like a hippy. It’s time to abandon all of the crazy fad diets and fast food. It’s time to try living more naturally, and enjoy the good times along the way. Let your food reflect who and what you really are. Enjoy a fresh salad instead of a fast food burger. And enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich, and a cup of chai tea with your coffee. You too can be a true hippie, and feel good and healthy. We can all learn from your example.

It’s time to start living like a hippy. It’s time to abandon all of the crazy fad diets and fast food. The Paleo Diet is a great example. The folks at Paleo have been successful for life after embracing their new lifestyle. But it’s not for everyone.

It’s also important to see that we are all our food’s influence: our choices. We’re all individuals, and our own personality and lifestyle choices have a tremendous influence on our bodies. So, when you go paleo, or eat like the hippie, you need to really understand how your body reacts on the extreme change. Just because something is the fad for awhile does not mean that it has no benefits.

So how do you get off those crazy fad diets and onto real food based on science and health? Well, here’s some tips:

Get a good diet. It makes a world of difference whether you eat real food, or the processed food in your fridge. Remember that a diet that doesn’t work for you is almost certainly not the right diet for you. It’s easy to make excuses for eating a crappy diet in order to keep the rest of your life miserable. So, don’t be that guy. Focus on a diet that’s good for your soul, mind, and body.   Have a good health philosophy. As much as you may think you’re going paleo for health and good energy, make sure that your health philosophy is based on a deep respect for good health. It should be based on what has and hasn’t been proven to work for you when you’re actually out in the real world.   Take a walk. I used to be a terrible walker. When a new diet has you eating a lot of grass-fed meat, or a lot of dairy, or the stuff they call Paleo, it’s easy to become obsessed with your new diet, and become lost in a little world of processed food and low-fat meals. If your walk makes you feel good, that’s much more important than being 100 pounds heavier.   Use your imagination. It’s almost like the mind plays a big role in the foods we eat: our subconscious has its own ideas about what foods are good or bad, and how we should feel about certain foods. When I was a vegetarian, my mind would automatically tell me I needed to eat meat, dairy and eggs. When I quit eating those things, I would feel great. So, use your mind. Use your imagination. Use your imagination!

The things you really need to get going

The Paleo Diet is a great example of the Paleo Diet in action. It starts at the bottom, making sure our brains are wired and getting plenty of fruits and veggies. Then, at the top, they are going full-on caveman, and eating grass-fed meat, dairy, eggs and grass-fed animals. We’ve already established what we are eating, and if our minds haven’t taken us into a cave, then at this point they will. I have a friend who started to feel the weight come off after a few weeks with this type of diet. It took a few months, but after some diet and exercise changes, he started to see weight go right off. I have two friends who both started the Paleo Diet and saw no changes in their health and weight for a year.  So, don’t feel bad if you can’t really see the progress right away. If a diet is working for you in the long term, the harder you try to force-feed yourself when your mind isn’t there or you don’t know what to do, the fatter you’ll get. It turns out, the harder we force ourselves to eat an all-grass diet, the easier it is to force-feed ourselves and turn off that natural hunger cycle.