Why You Should Follow Your Heart (and Stop Being Selfish)

We hear so much from others all the time that the world looks different if you can only find your true ‘inner-self.’ There’s no ‘inner-self’ out there to be found; all you really have is a bunch of different parts and a lot of noise. But the truth is, you are your own entity, and whatever you choose to identify with in this ‘stuffy and impersonal world,’ that’s who you’re meant to be inside.

You are your own reality. There is no ‘self-constructed’ self to be found in any ‘world,’ and you are the only one that can be in that ‘world.’ So be true to that. Don’t think outside of who you are inside. Learn to live by the truth that is you within yourself. It is only that simple.

You can find your ‘inner-self’ at the heart of your true self.

When you’re ready (which usually is just before you start something new in your life), you’ll know you’ve really found your ‘inner-self.’ It’s time to let go of the clutter in your life and just become the person that you are at your core, the person you should be inside.

In the beginning you may not know where to start, and you will be feeling so confused, scared, and uncertain.

When that happens, remind yourself:

‘Just be yourself, and it will all come to you’.

Remember that nothing happened between you and the people that you had sex with. Now let everything go for now (with a little time to take a shower or whatever), and then you’ll eventually get to the point where you’ll see your inner-self in everyone.

The truth is, everyone is an illusion and not part of the ‘real’ you. They are all just different people that have tried to act more real than they are, and not knowing how. They have also tried to force themselves to be more real than they are simply by having sex with other people.

You see, sex is all about a ‘reality’ (reality is more real, it feels better, and it gives you ‘a chance to express yourself’) where you have an opportunity to really express your true self to someone else. It’s the only way to truly be who you are, to finally let the people around you see who you really are inside.

Sex is the best way to finally bring peace to your heart; the only way to let someone inside see the true you inside.

When you find your true self you will be free to do what you want in your life from now on. You’ll start finding new things you like doing, maybe find a career you love, new relationships you like spending time with, new friends you want to spend time with, and so on; and when you discover what you like doing, your life won’t feel as limited or stale anymore.

You don’t have to be limited by what other people tell you, because you are the only ones that can find your true self. As long as you are having fun, living your life, loving yourself, loving others, and sharing the happiness you experience with others then you’re doing it right! There’s no time for the ‘normal’ things in your life, because the only thing that’s ‘normal’ when you live with your true self is your true self doing the ‘normal’ things in your life.

The truth is simple: you can find your true self and the only thing that is limiting is you letting people restrict you from experiencing the life you truly want and love.