Why You Should Learn The Power Of Positive Thinking

It’s true – everyone can change. We can decide to be happy, to be successful, to be loving, to be compassionate, to be empathetic, to heal ourselves. Just take a deep breath and trust in the process. It’s not rocket science. It’s just positive thinking.

In your mind’s eye, what does it look like when you get angry? When you get angry that old guy is coming to pick you up? When you get angry with the computer? When I do something that causes you pain, how do you feel? When I do something that makes you sad – how do you feel? Sometimes you feel angry, just like how you feel when somebody else is angry. Sometimes you feel sad, just like how you feel when people are sad. Sometimes that person isn’t there, and you feel like you have a blank spot or a void. Sometimes you feel a combination of things. There is a reason for this: You have a thought, an emotion, a thought, an emotion. And you take that thought, emotion and a new set of experiences with it, so that it seems like you’re making a decision and resolving it all – but there’s only one decision we make every moment of our lives. And that decision is made on a more basic level than even your conscious mind can make. It is a decision made on a subconscious level: You were born, you were chosen, and you are here because you want to be. There are so many choices, and so many possibilities to be truely happy, that you’d be mad not to at least try. So just go out there, look at the options and make a decision, then move on.

So let’s look at the first part of the picture.

Let’s say someone has just been beaten into unconsciousness by a bully. The bully comes by and does a couple of mean things to your friend, and then he leaves. That bad part is over, as painful as it has been. Your friend is now sitting at home by himself. He’s sad. He feels lonely. He feels lost. But he still has the power to choose how he moves forward. He can choose to remain weak and feel even worse. He can choose to take the bully down.

I know, right? I’m sorry. It doesn’t really feel good to beat someone down. But what can you do? How can you change your emotional state? How can you choose to do good instead of bad?

Well, if we were talking about a bad movie, we could go back to the opening scene and ask ourselves how we would feel and act after the bully has knocked our buddy out. If you say, let’s get the bad guy, you are choosing to be bad. We live in a world where the best thing we can do is take the most positive option, then let it go. We choose the bad option over the good one and choose to be the most depressed person in the world. Or the worst thing that we can do is not pick a single option – we’ll just end up being the same. But you could do something different. You could choose to be good. You could choose to take responsibility and move forward and become something better. To take that bully down.

So let’s be good, to change our emotions and our feelings. 

To put it another way, we all have negative feelings. And we all want our feelings to get better: we’d like to feel better. And so we do things that will get us better feelings. We try to change those things that are hurting us. And we do things that will get us angry. And we take ourselves and our pain from place to place. And as we move from one place to another, we get angry with ourselves and the world and the people we love. And so we do things that will make us happy. 

Maybe we’re mad that she called the boss stupid. Or maybe we’re annoyed that she took the cat for a walk. Or maybe we’re mad that she cut all of the cookies out of our favorite cookie jar. Or maybe we’re mad that she threw the whole cookie in the garbage. Maybe we’re mad that we threw away our favorite sweater. Or maybe we’re mad that she did this or that.

The point is: we’ll go through life doing negative things because it’s necessary that we be. But we can change. That’s because we can choose to be anything – even something terrible, but still something – so long as we choose to move forward. 

And so the next time you’re feeling like “How will I ever overcome this situation?”, consider the fact that you have the power to choose. And then make a decision: to do a positive thing instead of a negative one. I know that sometimes I choose the negative. But that’s because I do.