Why You Should Make The Most Of The Summer Vacation

We often think that the more time we have, the more time we can take with ourselves and all that we have, but this is often not the case. Summer is the perfect time to pause and remind yourself why your whole life is being made so exciting and interesting and important. If you don’t take a moment now to remind yourself why you are here (how you got here, what you have here, what your purpose is) then you will simply be a victim of circumstance, no different from anyone else and you will never be able to enjoy the blessings of your time here.

The summer vacation is when most people go to the beach or something similar. To me a summer vacation may sound less like relaxation and more like a prison sentence. But as I mentioned earlier, the idea of vacation is a wonderful one to explore (if you think about it, why would one choose to go anywhere if there is no escape? I am always looking for a good escape from the things that seem to be around me every day). So if you do opt for the summer vacation, make sure you are going there to experience everything it has to offer: The amazing views; the waterfalls; the sunsets; the sea breeze; the trees; the grass; the birds.

There are plenty of things you will be able to enjoy from this time and not necessarily due to yourself, but you will have to accept this! In order to escape this prison you have to change your perspective, your perspective on life and the way you look at things.

As I am sure you know, all our memories are the products of our mind’s activities, but it is also true that some of it comes from outside of our minds. The sun’s rays can literally make or break you, but our thoughts can literally bring you down.  Your job can certainly be a good one (although maybe you should rethink this job…), but being that it involves a lot of people, it could also be one of the causes of your depression.

The first time you remember you are depressed it can even seem like a long time ago. It could be even earlier in your life, but even then, it is likely to feel like a year or even more ago. As such, it is best to accept yourself fully at this point. I have found that it is extremely difficult to overcome depression. Many people struggle for years to find solutions and eventually succeed. You can too, but that will take time.  But, if you are seriously struggling, my advice would be to seek professional help sooner rather than later.

Some advice you might find invaluable here:

The first step in facing depression is understanding it.

Many people are simply unable to accept that they are depressed or that they are in pain.  Many people with depression simply get bored, depressed, and bored with life. Many people with depression seem to be living in the past. Some people who have depression have problems finding a purpose in life, so when they do have some time to themselves they simply do nothing. Others do not have an understanding of how depression really feels. Many people with depression do not know how to respond to sadness in any healthy way and so simply respond without feeling anything.

So, before you even consider trying to help yourself, the first step is getting to know exactly what is happening right now.  In the course of your life, you have probably experienced moments of happiness when you have been overwhelmed with joy. When this happens, how will you know that you are experiencing it right now?  How will you know that you are feeling it for the right reasons?

Your body responds the same way no matter what is happening in your life.    Your mind responds just as well, because if you are trying very hard to ignore your feelings now then when the time comes you will be feeling them regardless of your efforts.  Do your best to acknowledge your emotions, because once you notice you are feeling them you will have to do something about it.

The first step is recognizing what is going on with you when you are crying. 

You probably know some pretty good ways to help yourself, but the most important thing you can do is learn what you need to do in order to help yourself. I have written quite a bit about that in this post , and you should read.

This post is about how to prevent and combat emotional upset.