Why You Should Stop Doing This To Yourself

We have learned to do something almost every day-it is almost impossible to ignore the messages on advertisements and in movies. What kind of message do people want to be sending? For the people in the ads, they want the viewer to be afraid, not curious-their mind must be primed for instant acceptance. For the people who are in the movies, they are going to be treated as something beautiful and special and they want their own lives to resemble that.

What we do in our own lives and for others is an incredibly powerful force, affecting and shaping us to our great benefit…and detriment. How we react to things that happen is very direct, and we cannot control what happens; we are simply part of the chain of events. But what is really happening is that we are reacting to the message we have been given. There are so many ways we do this, but one way is through what we do with our bodies. We use our bodies to connect with one another, the world and our selves. Through our behavior, we communicate ideas, opinions, beliefs and emotions. Through our behaviors, we can even manipulate our own experience of reality. This is why we are so drawn to music, dance, art, and the arts, for so long before we have ever been exposed to this in real life. This is why we are so drawn to people who talk about their lives and the world and the people around us. It is because by hearing what others do, we learn to be who we need to be.

Through the body, we can communicate emotions, ideas, beliefs, and beliefs. We can also control physical sensations, which is a very big part of life and our mental functioning. There are many aspects of the human body that have been very well researched in science…we just don’t have the same awareness of them. We do have control over our emotions, but not nearly as much control over our perceptions. So what does this look like?

Through the body we can feel good about ourselves, we can be happy and proud of ourselves. We can express our emotions and we can even use these emotions in a way to enhance our social existence. We can learn to be comfortable with vulnerability and in turn this teaches us how to be comfortable with life itself. Through the body we can practice being comfortable with ourselves and with others as we relate. We can practice talking about our emotions and using them, while also being aware of our reactions to them. We can also learn to use this information to enhance our relationships and our social lives. Through the body we can learn to understand what other people are feeling, we can see past their surface appearances and realize that they are not always as they appear. Through the body we can gain wisdom and insight into the world and our selves; we can also see the underlying issues around us that we need to work on. Through the body we can understand just why everything we see is not always as we want it to be…or why the world is actually a very ugly place to live.

So what do we do? We learn how to learn. I could go on for days about all the ways that this may or may not apply to you but I am not going to. Learning comes from experience, and life has taught us many lessons about what we can do, how we can do it, and why we are able to do it so well. We need to learn when and how to use the body. But, if we use our body too much we are going to hurt ourselves and we are also going to hurt others. It is really important for us in our lives to know when to use the body wisely, and for us to avoid being too passive when learning how to use our mind to communicate emotional or intellectual concepts. These lessons are a great way for us to have a life that we can really be proud of…and a life that is better suited to our ability to be at ease with ourselves and others.

There are so many more things that we can understand by learning how to use the body and by learning how to use our mind. But I am afraid to continue on in this vein without going into great detail into the many different aspects of life and how they fit into our relationship with the body and to others. I will just leave you with this:

It is really important to get good quality sleep and to do so many things that we are not taught; from stretching/recovery to yoga and meditation. There are too many things that we can get wrong if we do them too often, or if we do them the wrong way.