Why You Shouldn’t Stop With Your Self-care

This video focuses on the importance of self-care, specifically for the modern generation. A woman is an example of someone who must take care of herself because she is a woman.

There is much to get to today, but just as I know I’m not done with my self-care, I also know I probably won’t get to everything I want to get to today. This is okay. I know I’m taking all the right actions. It’s okay. I’m taking the right steps in the right order. I was able to make it to my first appointment so I’m definitely doing as well as I am capable of doing. I know that I’m doing this for myself. There is work that needs done right now. And there’s a chance for me to feel better tomorrow and feel healthier and stronger for my next step and my next step on the path to healing.

It’s time. It’s all about today. It’s this present moment. It’s not about tomorrow. It’s about life. It’s all things that matter today. I’m going to do as many things as I can to move myself forward today because being a person is all about life. I’m not saying there’s a deadline to this today. There’s a point where all the work starts. There is a point where all the action and all the things that happen can have an impact on everything that happens here and things here. I’m taking the time to be thoughtful. If I do it today, then it will come back to me. That means doing it now. How does time start? It starts when you’re born.   When you’re born, you are given a set of cells, a set of things that you have to learn. You’re given a set of cells, you’re given a set of abilities, and a set of experiences to draw from and to draw on. You’re born with a set of memories. As you grow, you learn more and more about yourself. And your memories become more and more vivid and more and more detailed and more and more detailed. As you grow up, you acquire more memories.   By the time you get to your midlife, you have more memories. What are your memories now?  You remember the things that you learned from your parents and your family. You remember the things that you learned from your grandparents, your friends, your teachers,   All of these things that you take from your lives, and all of these memories, they become more and more complex as you grow older and as you live your life and they become more and more interesting, and the more you learn about yourself and your past the more complex they become, and you learn more and more about everything and this is where self-care comes in. Self-care is all about remembering the lessons that you learned. And you’re doing that because you are living your life and you are aware of everything. You are aware of all the things that you can do and all the things that you don’t do that keep you from progressing. You are aware that everything you do and all those things that you have done keep you going forward in your life and in your relationships.   You do not live your life and you don’t have relationships and that would not be your life if you did not learn from all of those things that you did and that you did not do right from the beginning.   And you also have the capacity to learn about yourself and your life. This is in fact what self-care is all about. This is all about learning about yourself and your life and not letting your memories come and go. I will take a shower now. That was the most important part of myself-care. I’m going to take my shower. I don’t even want to think about what I’m going to tell you if I don’t wash my hair right now.