Why Your Body Is Not Made Of Bricks

This is a question and answer session with a fellow blogger. If anyone ever asks you this question, your response is the response.

I think the beauty of being able to take a break is that you’re giving yourself time to reflect on things. I think we’re so wrapped up in the work that we put forth in our professional lives and our personal lives that it’s easy to miss the important things that are happening to us and taking our attention away. The last thing you need is some person with a laptop telling you that your beauty is not about your work and your work is not about what you’re doing at the office. It’s about just… you, you and you. And I think that’s the beauty of a time away. It’s about taking time to let your body do its stuff and be in what, if anything, is the beauty of it. I’m not afraid of saying it, but if I’m telling the truth then I might be the “bend over” girl.

I have a story of how my mother always warned me that I needed to bend over backwards to be what’s called a “good girl.” It was a pretty big deal to her to hear me talking to men and saying that I couldn’t do anything, because I was not allowed to. And it’s true, in some ways, you cannot. The thing is, just because what you are is not about work doesn’t mean that you couldn’t work. If I wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor, I would, because, I do have that type of talent. It would not matter if I was not “good” at it. But if you’re not good at something and you’re not doing work out of your real passion and that passion has nothing to do with your daily toil… if your daily toil has something to do with your interest in being a lawyer or being a doctor, then… I won’t say it because if it was you in front of me, I think we’d be having an emotional conversation.

But I think there’s a better way. I think that, as in your story, you could work to be a lawyer or a doctor but still live a life that’s true to who you are. If you’re able to, try something else. Even if you aren’t good at any other profession out there, find something you can work on where you can enjoy it and enjoy the people around you. And in that joy comes beauty. And that’s what happens when you take time away. Now, we’re not talking about just taking a break to sit down somewhere that you wouldn’t have otherwise done. We’re talking about taking a break to sit down somewhere in the world at the end of a long day. This is one of my favorite places to spend time because what we do here is beautiful. And we’re celebrating it. We take time to celebrate the beauty that is your life here in the United States of America, and you’re welcome to come join.

And I tell people all the time, you don’t have to tell us why we should leave here and come back to the world. We will gladly join. We are here because we’re good people and we want to be around good people and because what we’re doing in the United States is one of the best things that’s going on. And I think we would all like to be able to leave here and come back with that same feeling of pride and hope and joy of what life is all about. And we don’t have to force that out of you; we want that for ourselves, for all of our brothers and sisters from around the world. But if you decide that you want it for yourself, please know that you have it available to you.

Why Do I Write?

So, why do you want to be a part of this?  I am writing to you because that’s just me.  There’s nothing more noble about a simple human than that.  I was going to do a blog like this but, honestly, I can’t think of anything more noble than being me.