Why Your Sleep Matters

It is crucial that we understand that sleep is vital in every aspect of human existence-that no one gets what they desire out of life without obtaining it’s proper sleep.

I was reading an article last evening about why certain people feel the need to sleep around midnight instead of at 6am. It was a well sourced article, but I didn’t read it for the article, but for the sleep. Well, sleep is vital for our health, and the quality of our lives. Many of us are not getting enough sleep and those who are are often not as healthy and robust and happy as those who spend a few extra hours each night sleeping.  Our sleep is vitally important for optimal health, and we can only function on a few key components. Without a good night’s sleep, it is difficult to accomplish nearly any of the following:  · Exercise

· Sleep

· Focus

· Focus.  Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  Sleeping. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  Sleep. Sleep.  Sleep. Sleep.  Sleep. Sleep.  Sleep. Sleep.  Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  Sleep. Sleep.

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What can we do to improve our sleep?

First, we must get adequate amounts of sleep.  Not everyone agrees on how much sleep is optimal but I believe it is best to get 8-9 hours.  For me it was 9 hours one night but my wife’s and daughter’s sleep schedules were 10+ hours, so I know 9 hours is pretty good.  We get our needed amount of sleep, we are healthy, and our moods are good.   

Second, we have the option of getting 8-9 hours of sleep, we can sleep until we are drowsy, and then, the following night, we feel refreshed so we don’t sleep anymore.  I call this getting to sleep at 7am.  Some of us prefer another time, like an afternoon nap or the ability to nap with our children.  There are many others who may consider waking up at 6am each day, and then taking one hour’s nap.  All these options have merit, and can make our lives easier, and more productive on the job market, the grocery store, etc.  

Third, we should work on building good sleep habits.  The easiest way to do this is to have a consistent sleep schedule.  If you doze off or get up while your wife or daughter is doing a deep breathing exercise then get up so you can take the exercise.  This builds a habit that will be easier to maintain in the future.  It is a very easy way to be productive on the job market.  It also will help you stay alert and awake during the day, because you have to wake up early to perform the exercise for the baby or in the event of an emergency.  So, this should be your go-to sleep schedule:

I prefer the morning nap because I can have a nap in the morning when I get up, and then get up for the day.  It is a great way to get up in the morning.  You can choose between morning and afternoon naps, because the difference between the two is negligible.