Why You’re Not As Healthy, And What You Can Do About It

Let’s set it in perspective: at 68 you are still just as young as all of us who have ever lived.

If you’re not in good shape, the chances are that you are not doing enough to make sure you’re healthy. But we can’t change how we were born. We only have one life, and we only have one chance to achieve our potential. Let’s start by being honest with ourselves and with each other about what we really need to do to live a healthy life. We’ll need a whole new set of tools to reach our goal — all within the space of a handful of days.

So what are they? We get the answer by taking our first step: let’s start to think outside the box and figure out what the heck we can do about our health!

Let’s start with something simple; one tool that we all already have and that we all use in our daily work. We’re all aware of it. The alarm clock!

We all know how much we hate getting up and going to work. In fact, we hate waking up too much anyway! When you can’t manage to get to sleep on time, all you have to do is to turn that alarm clock off. So if you can’t sleep by 6 am then you will definitely find it more difficult to get up before 11pm. So, why don’t we set that alarm clock so we have to get up even sooner just to get our bodies back in shape, right?

Yes, it’s true: we’re all already aware of that!

We have that technology at our disposal to let us know when it is time to use those bells, or when to turn off that alarm clock.

And we do it all the time. Every day we get up to go to work – it is like that with every task that we do every day. The alarm goes off, the alarm clock sounds, you turn it off, you go to work. What do you do? You get up, go to work, and you get paid.

Yes, that’s a regular pattern and a process. And it’s so habitual, so ingrained into our minds, that we often can’t even stop to evaluate what we’re doing, what we truly need to do to wake up early (or to have enough sleep). So what about the next tool in this box?

If no alarm can help you to get up, how about a different alarm? How about waking up before 9 or 9:30 or even before 5 am, and going to get yourself some coffee or some breakfast before you get to work? Why not do that? Because after you get out of bed you might just fall right asleep right there on the couch when everyone else goes to work. Yes really: that’s when you have the opportunity of waking up early. And as you fall asleep you’ll wake up early in the morning, too, as a result of your morning routine!

Sure, you’ll have some issues with your sleep habits and you may have insomnia later on (you really can sleep in all night, and I’d like to see your evidence). But then you’ll be able to have the morning routine because you’ll sleep in later. How about changing your alarm time? If you are a night owl you probably don’t want to work a whole day or a whole week without an alarm.

If you don’t have any morning routines, then how about writing that down on a piece of paper? I did that. And now I can look at that daily schedule and see what I need to wake up at the right time to make my health and mental well being workable, in my opinion.