Why You’re Not Getting What You Really Want

Because we are human.

This book explains the importance of getting and maintaining your desired outcome. What we want. What we need. What gives us purpose. The book is about what we know that is really important, and I think it’s about the only way we have access to information about our lives. If you’re stuck between two extremes, you’re not going to get your ideal outcome because nothing is more important than you are. You’re the only one that can make it happen.

Your Life Now

You will find the book most insightful as you understand it in a different context as I explain how to get that optimal outcome. This is an easy book to read, yet it is the one that can be read multiple times and you can gain a new understanding of just how much is going on inside of your head. You are the master of yourself. You are the only one that can shape who you are, and how you feel about yourself.  

I had so much fun writing this. After over 20 years of teaching and writing, I am not an amazing writer. It is a gift I always had in my ability to communicate effectively. And then through the generosity of my readers, it has been transformed into a book. This book is the book I will have with me always, that I will use to help me understand myself better. I hope, I’m sure, you and your colleagues will find it valuable.

The author wishes to thank her mother, for inspiring her to write. Her mother believes that she can teach you how to see the important things in life because she spent her life thinking you can’t. So, please read with that attitude in mind.

The author is an author, coach and an instructor for both men and women. She holds a teaching credential through the University of Colorado Boulder (A.A.), a university that will be remembered in the future as the university of excellence . She has taught a number of classes at Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State University, Northridge (“CSUN”) where she currently holds a certificate in Leadership by Being a Good One. In addition to coaching the University Women’s team for over four years as the Associate Coach of the College of Women’s Studies, a Title XVII Varsity Soccer team and coaching teams for the Men’s and Women’s golf clubs at Cal Poly, she has coached the Women’s Basketball team for over 10 years and now spends time as a volunteer mentor at her alma mater, CSUN. She enjoys the challenge and challenge of the job in both the classroom and the sports arena. She also enjoys creating and teaching new ideas, and making your life easier.

About The Author

Laura T. D’Amore is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and author of several books, on topics ranging from women’s psychology, life coaching and motivation, to the emotional issues that come with child development. She is the Founder and Director of Women’s Coach, LLC ( an affiliate and training organization. At Women Coach, LLC she helps couples connect, build accountability for change, teach personal growth habits, and build the foundation for successful relationships. Through her teaching career, Laura has seen how coaching and behavior change can transform lives both individually and collectively.