How To Clean A Wooden Fence Without Using A Razor

A simple solution to cut your time in half: a rubber scraper. Now your fence will smell almost as.

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What You Will Need: A Rubber Scraper

How to Use Your Rubber Scraper:

1. Cut off the head of your tree. I found this tool at a yard sale in the mid 1990’s. I cut off the top of the tree and then pulled the bottom up to get the trunk. This is what you’ll end up with. In the front of the tree you’ll find leaves.

2. Once you get the trunk cut off, pull the leafy tops off the trunk and cut a hole at the base of the trunk. You are using it to bend up your branch and to push leaves down onto it.

3. Now you are ready to paint one side of the stick with the wood. I have a very small table saw that I use to cut small boards with a nice level and accurate blade. I will do all of my cutting and sanding from this little table saw.

How to Dry Your Tree:

A lot of people use a clothesline, a clothes rack or a wooden pallet to dry a log. To me, that simply is a waste of money. The reason I mention this is you will have a better chance of taking beautiful pictures if you have a picture hanging on your walls instead of your living room table.

The only problem with a clothesline is it will eventually end up drying out your tree in one way or another. A good solution to this problem is a clothes rack . If you don’t mind having to buy a new piece of furniture to hang your log on, a clothes rack will work just as well. With one of these rack you can hang your log from it just about anywhere. You can even hang your log inside one of those little metal doors which I mentioned in this post .

How To Clean Your Log:

One of the most common questions I get at the blog is about my own log. The answer is simple. It looks different with every time you cut it. Your log will always have a different color in one spot. The question is, why was this color the same for so many years?

If you don’t want to start cutting your own logs, you could always order them from your local home improvement store. Of course, if you want to get started saving time at the same time, then buy the most popular, easily available brand of log in the area and stick it straight in your yard.

A great way to get started is to start with a big, heavy log and get creative with the layout of your fence. You’ll be amazed by how much your yard will end up looking different in a few weeks if you stick with it.

What About Wood Shredding?

In most parts of the world, there is a type of wood called “reclaimed.” It’s the best wood on the planet for fences. I have never found it anywhere that I live. Maybe it is coming from a local wood lot or maybe it’s just something I missed, but I have not found any way to get it anywhere near me.