How To Clean Car Washes Without Scrubbing

The simple act of cleaning with soap is a great way to avoid expensive dry cleaning bills.

The best thing about cleaning your car is that you have the chance to reuse it, at least in the beginning. In many cases, though, the vehicle may need to be serviced. Cleaning the area between wheels and the tires is an ideal way to do this. If you’re in the market for a car wash and want to avoid spending extra money on paint, make sure to check out the pros and cons of each product for your car.

How to clean between the wheels

How to Use Detailing Cloths

While you’ll certainly need some brushes to get the job off your hands, the other key to this task is using the right kind of dry cleaning cloth. There are two kinds of dry cleaning cloths. One type, which is made of cotton, is ideal for removing grease and oil from a clean vehicle. The other type, which is made out of nylon, is ideal for cleaning the car’s interior. The cotton type will remove dirt and grease, while the nylon type cleans the interior of paint. There are plenty of different brands of dry cleaning cloths for each type of cloth. Some of them are made specifically for cars, and some are made for a wide variety of use, such as home cleaning.

How to Clean a Car’s Interior

Clean Up After Cleaning

If you’ve been to a car wash in the past few years, you probably remember using the car wash water, not your own water. When you see the big nozzle of the washing machine water, you probably imagine that it’s for washing your car’s exterior.

However, the water that’s used by car washes for washing the interior of a vehicle is actually for the washing of paint. Many car washes will do a very thorough job of cleaning the paint, but some manufacturers are now adding a foam-like cleanser to the water to help remove dust that may be present in some cars. Most of the foam-like cleanser that is used by car washes is made of a chemical called Dettol. 

Dettol comes from a synthetic polymer that is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and hydrocarbons. It can be used in dry cleaning too, and is used to clean everything from the floors to the inside of a car. Dettol was also once used as a solvent used in the manufacture of paints. The fact that the foam-like cleanser in the car wash water contains Dettol means that this cleanser will work with most brands of car washes.

When you’re using the car wash water for washing the interior of your vehicle, you’ll want to be careful when working on the car’s body. If you brush your hand through the car, the water will coat your fingers because the water won’t be allowed to contact the paint. There is no reason you need to wash any area of the interior with the foam-like cleanser that is normally found in car washes when it comes to washing the interior. 


Water Curaise can be used in dry cleaning to remove stains on vehicles, while a cleanser with Dettol can be used to clean the interior of your vehicle for paint removal. There are some very important differences between the two types of dry cleaning. 

How does Detailing Cloth remove dirt?

In dry cleaners, it’s usually a chemical that is added to the water. When you use the cleaning water on wet surfaces, it will dissolve any dirt that is there. When it comes to removing dirt from a car, it’s best to use the correct type of dry cleaning cloth.