How To Clean Laundry Room Equipment

Here we show off how to get the most out of your clothes dryer, laundry basket, dryer sheets, clothes rack, and more. It was probably the one product every man and woman, from day care boys to college students to high school teachers, had. And it was, without a doubt, the most indispensable part of […]

How To Clean A Knife With Vinegar

No more sticky-wicket sticky-wicket mess with these handy bottles. If you haven’t yet noticed, the bottles in this tutorial do a great job cleaning knives. There is a good chance that you have a knife that has been sitting in the cutting board drawer for a while. If this is the case, you know exactly […]

How To Prevent Rust On The Bins In Your Kitchen

The way the iron works can get rusty, and rust is often the product of an overcharged iron when the iron hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned. When we cook and bake, sometimes the iron gets a little rusty in the middle. This is not a cause for worry. The more we use, the more that rust […]

How To Cut The Chaff And Trash Off Of Your Toaster

A well-made omelet is a dish you can use for a while – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get caught up with unneeded clutter. If you want to avoid having that unwanted, ugly drawer of old magazines and newsletters, make your toaster a little tidier today. You can get rid of the extra parts, […]

How To Clean Your Water Filter: An Easy, Lowcost Method

I had a really long, unpleasant nightmare about the world’s water supply one day, and I figured the best way to get over it is to get my hands dirty with the world of water filters, and not just using a standard disposable filter, but a high tech, super-high precision, super-high-yield, super-reliable, super-water-conserving technology that […]

How To Clean Pots Without Staining The Kitchen Floor

The kitchen is one of the many places in our home that is messy. The best way to make your kitchen clean is to use a simple dishwasher or even a dishwasher with a sanitizing filter. But while these options are convenient, they cannot help make your kitchen look as nice and inviting as before. […]

How To Clean Scissors Using Softener

Softener is the most important part in maintaining the sharpness of your shaving blades. We spent the past few years helping customers all over the world keep their shaving blades sharp – and now, we wanted to share the tips we learned. ” You need a softener to get rid of dirt and grime, but […]

How To Clean Glass Bottles Without A Scrub

A quick spray works great at removing any water spots without disturbing the contents, but they’re not always reliable. A quick spray will remove dirt and grime off your glass bottles, but it doesn’t necessarily get everything clean. A more thorough scrub can help get rid of all of the dirt and grime. Once you […]

How To Clean Water Cooler Blades, Pots And Coolers-Using A Dish Dishwasher

When it comes to maintaining our water tanks, it’s easy to forget how to properly clean our water coolers. In addition to washing your dishwasher’s wheels and spout regularly, water pressure is also critical to cleanness-not to mention safety. When you’re done washing your dishwashers, give yours a spray of water and some dish detergent […]

How To Make Your Garden Look Good

The key here is the trowel. You’ll need a few simple, organic tools to make your garden look its best. For starters, you should never use a metal trowel, because they can corrode, leaving your garden looking dirty. However, a wooden or plastic trowel can be reused several times and still look clean, so you’ll […]