How To Wash Glass So It’S Fresher Tomorrow

If only we could get rid of the smell of the bottle right away. It just doesn’t seem to go away when it’s stored properly. If you don’t store it properly, you could have a problem as a result of the odor from the bottle. This may be especially true when it’s dirty (i.e. from […]

How To Remove Stale Milk From The Jar

Sometimes we’ll want fresh milk, but it only comes once a’long time. We’ll use a simple way to get the milk flowing again. In many cases it will make sense to buy fresh milk from your dairy man. This’s the perfect time to remove the milk’s plastic cap and shake it to remove some of […]

How To Clean A Wine Rack From A Dime

Just remember to only turn it as you pull the coins out from underneath. To clean a wine rack or barrel, it is best to have a sharp knife for this job. And, in addition to having a clean knife, it is also a wise idea to have another piece of metal (about 15 – […]

How To Avoid Falling Out Of The Sky

When trying to hold onto that last piece of candy, some people find that they can’t. Luckily, there are some clever solutions out there. You’re trying to get someone out of the trees in your backyard. How do you know if you should just keep going? The best way out of the tree is to […]

How To Clean A Wooden Fence Without Using A Razor

A simple solution to cut your time in half: a rubber scraper. Now your fence will smell almost as. This post does not contain affiliate links. This is a personal blog post about making your yard look great without spending a fortune. I do receive a small commission from purchases made through links on this […]

How To Clean Your Toothbrush With Baking Soda

Just as baking soda has a range of uses as a household cleaner (to clean dishes and dishesware, to clean countertops and counters… Just as baking soda has a range of uses as a household cleaner, your toothbrush can have a range of uses as well. Like cleaning dishes and dishesware, your toothbrush can be […]

How To Clean All Your Clothes Together

One quick wash and dry will give you a whole new look… One quick wash and dry will give you a whole new look. But, if things are dusty on that front, let’s get out some dry cleaning cloths and get everything nice and clean again. While it’s not an exact science, you can usually […]

How To Clean Car Washes Without Scrubbing

The simple act of cleaning with soap is a great way to avoid expensive dry cleaning bills. The best thing about cleaning your car is that you have the chance to reuse it, at least in the beginning. In many cases, though, the vehicle may need to be serviced. Cleaning the area between wheels and […]

How To Use A Knife To Clean Out Your Toilet Bowl

How about that, right? If you’ve ever done a quick, dirty wash in your sink, you know it would be great for cleaning and sanitizing things around the home – but that’s just me. For most people, cleaning a toilet bowl is not as scary as it is for the rest of us. A little […]

How To Clean A Fork And Spoon

No one wants a dirty spoon! Photo from MOMENTS AGO (www.momentsagoogurl. There are so many forks out there, you might say that they’re hard to remember where one starts and another ends. But you’re sure not worried about that any longer after reading this article. If you have a fork, you definitely need a fork […]