How To Clean Your Water Filter: An Easy, Lowcost Method

I had a really long, unpleasant nightmare about the world’s water supply one day, and I figured the best way to get over it is to get my hands dirty with the world of water filters, and not just using a standard disposable filter, but a high tech, super-high precision, super-high-yield, super-reliable, super-water-conserving technology that […]

How To Make Your Garden Look Good

The key here is the trowel. You’ll need a few simple, organic tools to make your garden look its best. For starters, you should never use a metal trowel, because they can corrode, leaving your garden looking dirty. However, a wooden or plastic trowel can be reused several times and still look clean, so you’ll […]

How To Clean Old Paint With Acetone

What a fantastic idea. The paint is peeling and chipping, and some of it has even fallen across the sofa cushion below. How easy is it to clean up paint damage like this? You don’t need anything too radical, actually. You don’t even need a paint stripper; simply add a little bit of acetone (from […]

How To Clean A Coffee Machine

The first time my father and I cleaned a coffee machine, we were both afraid we were screwing things up. Thankfully, we learned our lesson. The first time my father and I cleaned a coffee machine, we were both afraid we were screwing things up. Thankfully though, we learned our lesson. Cleaning a coffee machine […]

How To Remodel An Interior With 3-D Scans

Use 3-D computer images as a guide for figuring out how to fit together the hardwood floors and tile walls. This is a great way to get the right amount of support for your new kitchen, or for creating the feel and look of an expansive home office space. It’s also handy when putting together […]

How To Remove Tungsten Dust From Glass

This is a great DIY project that will help you turn your glass into an incredible, vibrant piece of art. How to remove tungsten dust from glass – what are we talking about? Well, it’s probably the most common household glass dust you’ve likely ever seen, and we’ve all encountered it ourselves. Tungsten is not […]

How To Unclog Clogged Tubs

This simple trick will help stop waste in your plumbing system from being emptied out. If you’re an avid user of the toilet, you may already know the dreaded feeling of clogged plumbing. What would you do if your tub wasn’t working properly? It may have been a few days or a week since your […]

How To Unclog Your Drain

One quick squeeze cleans and drains any dirty spots in seconds. It’s so quick that you could skip the drain cleaner altogether. You can’t always see your drain pipe clog. Often, it’s hidden under dirt and grime. If you can’t find it, you could try the best-selling drain cleaner, but it’s not 100% effective with […]

How To Remove Worn Paint

We have found the best way to remove worn paint is by rubbing paint off onto a paper towel. Make sure to clean thoroughly and dry thoroughly. Cleaning is also good for cleaning up spills and other spills. It’s not something that most people think about doing, but the most important thing is if the […]

How To Prevent Drywall Burn On Tile Floors

If your walls aren’t well-protected by tiles, then they can be vulnerable. To help protect tiles, you can install a drip pan to help capture the moisture. After you are painting hardwood flooring for your house, install a drip pan on the wall that you are going to fill with water. Allow the water to […]